Future Development of Štvanice Island

| location:

Prague, Czech Republic

| building type:

Urban Planning

| project:

Competition, ABM Architects

| year:


| description:

Competition proposal for the future development of Štvanice Island in the center of Prague submitted to the open urban planning competition. The proposal points the need of cultivation of the presently inconvenient environment of the island and suggests to widen the range of activities which could take place here. Two existing bridges cross the island and divide its space in three clusters at the same time. Each of these clusters is designed for different use and settled with buildings of appropriet purpose. Western cluster, closest to the center of the city, serves the culture with the proposed new building of the concert hall for the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Middle cluster serves the sport with revitalized and reconstructed Central Tennis Court and related training facilities. And eastern cluster serves the recreation with several restaurants, clubs and other leisure time opportunities.